Give the money back to the people

Competition for low prices is the principle driver of irresponsible development and corrupt stewardship around the world, because it punishes the conscientious and empowers the unscrupulous, with the cumulative toll outpacing top-down interventions and imperiling civilization and life everywhere.

Reconomy gathers top community innovators and activists from around the world to implement the indispensable bottom-up solution: Pay for good local stewardship everywhere.

Our strategy features Reconomy's SunMoney local scrip, a powerful new kind of currency that works in communities right beside national money, so it's simple to introduce and easy to use.

But unlike banks, Reconomy gives control of this local money back to the people - for us to create to pay for, and to pay-forward, caring for each other and the ground beneath our feet, and leaving no one behind.

Reconomy works by discounting some of the key goods and services that SunMoney is created to produce, including renewable energy.

This discount establishes the demand for SunMoney that permits its use employing anyone who wants to participate in sustainably developing local resources.

The result is a virtuous cycle of supply and demand, and a self-managing and self-scaling strategy for people and planet.

Reconomy can provide everyone with healthful food, clean water, decent sanitation, safe housing, basic education, habitat restoration and more - everything that can be accomplished locally when communities have continuous access to money, energy and a global network of mutual support.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead