[1] Reconomy discussion group:
[2] Reconomy Global Timebank:
[3] People Power Stations:
[4] Purchase Power Parity (PPP) conversion tables:
[5] SunMoney:
[6] Value loop:
[7] Using Nature's Genius (closed value loop):
[8] Vigyan Ashram:
[9] Swavalamaban:
[10] Net Impact Pune:
[11] Bottom of Pyramid Energy and Environmental Innovations Pvt. Ltd.:
[12] Nuru Light:
[13] World Bicycle Relief:
[14] World Bicycle Relief Buffalo Bicycle:
[15] Definition "seingnorage":
[16] Minimum wage in India:
[17a] Analysis provided by Anand Sivaram, Thalassery, Kannur District, Kerala in "Kerosene vs. Klean. Lighting up rural India: Cost and Emission Analysis" at
[17b] Mills Study:
[17c] Times of India, "Trickle Down Effect":
[17d] "Pedal Power Bike Generator Frequently Asked Questions":
[18] Light Up The World:
[20] Database of Federal and State renewable energy development incentives:
[21] Massachusetts:
[22] BerkShares:
[23] BerkShares:
[24] Massachusetts RE Incentives:
[25] Massachusetts RE incentives:
[26] Map of ISO-NE load Zones:
[27] Massachusetts NEM Tariff and Interconnection Standards: [28] The Citizens Media:
[29] Cyclos:
[30] The U.S. Energy Information Administration's information on energy use in Massachusetts:
[31] PV Watts:
[32] PV Watts calculation for Massachusetts: ../images/PV-Watts-Worcester.gif
[33]SunMoney-Mass NPV spreadsheet analysis: ../pps/SunMoney-Mass_PV_100_members.xls
[34] Spreadsheet image: ../images/SunMoney_worcester_NPV.jpg
[35]Massachusetts DOER Solar Carve-out website:
[36] "Building-Scale vs. Community-Scale Net-Zero Energy Performance":
[37] "Economic Investigation of Community-Scale Versus Building Scale Net-Zero-Energy":
[38] Cause of Poverty:
[39] Wrgl experiment:
[40] Switzerland's Wir:

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