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In our world of mounting global emergencies, as we witness the accelerating destruction of resources and loss of species, the greatest resource of all is being left to waste.

Today, more than 200 million persons are unemployed because of an inequitable distribution of money, with the richest 80 persons controlling as much money as the poorest 3.5 billion, leaving these billions of persons without the money to pay for development of essential local goods and services for local use.

But how has this come about, and why are our global leaders failing to enact real solutions?

The dynamic underlying the current disastrous direction of resource development is that our global marketplace tends to deliver monetary profit to global competitors that is inversely proportional to their stake in local and global sustainability. This is because survival in the global marketplace depends on competitive pricing, compelling traders to minimize local costs in able to maximize global profits.

All resources in the marketplace, including money, flow to the highest bidders, while the work flows to the lowest bidders, trapping everyone in an ever-widening wealth gap. And this wealth gap multiplies the difficulty of engaging in sustainable development because global developers grow increasingly dependent on supplies from communities that cannot afford to responsibly steward their own resources.

A Strategic Approach

Lack of money is a profound cause of poverty, not merely a definition, because money is generally required to develop essential resources. Local access to a continuous supply of money and energy can not only put food on the table tonight but can empower us to nurture and protect the people we love and the ground beneath our feet. Local societal and environmental sustainability are essential to the commercial sustainability of for-profit businesses when they develop local essential goods and services for local consumption. Thus, communities that prosper through trade within their own genuine local marketplaces enjoy a triple-bottom-line economy that cares for people and planet to ensure sustainable profit.

Our task now is to re-empower this sustainable, local dynamic without sacrificing the benefits of our global marketplace. Reconomy accomplishes this by compensating persons with valuable local currency for helping to build prosperous and sustainable communities.

How To Get There From Here

Reconomy begins with our Global Timebank, which is our global network of mutual support. Here persons earn credit through hour-for-hour trade of knowledge and skill, and for service to the global community by joining, growing, and stewarding this new global marketplace, and for helping launch and grow Reconomy community marketplaces where local goods as well as services are traded. The result is a self-managing, self-scaling global marketplace that builds self-managing, self-scaling local and virtual community marketplaces.

In our Global Timebank and in our community marketplaces, we pay-forward the knowledge and skills we acquire in able to regain credit for further trade. This provides an immediate and continuous opportunity to every person to earn by learning and teaching, as we share knowledge resources that increase with every transaction. Reconomy's marketplaces also provide the option to either trade our time with each other or to donate our credit to the community commons. This option multiplies our opportunities to share-forward, making our living library of knowledge an ultimate crowdsourcing tool for building the world of the future.

We create our community marketplaces through scaling our Timebank trading platform to local and virtual communities, using our same credit-tracking strategy. As with our Timebank, in these independent community systems we're credited for building our community commons of essential human and natural resources, but here we earn additional credit through trading goods as well as services. And instead of measuring our local credit in hours, the value of credit in our community marketplaces is measured in national currency to allow local credit to work right alongside national money.

People Power Stations

Our People Power Stations are local makerspaces, helping accomplish this transformation in local communities through the use of our SunMoney strategy - our innovation of discounting renewable energy when traded for credit that's issued to develop that energy. This discount produces a demand for both the local credit and the local energy, stimulating continuous development of local resources to produce local goods and services for local consumption, and impelling and empowering responsible stewardship.

Because Reconomy's local credit works right beside national money, rather than replacing national money, access to global products and services is increased, building prosperous, sustainable businesses that serve the both the local and the global marketplaces. A world filled with these prosperous, sustainable communities will be a prosperous, sustainable world for everyone.

Building Resilience through Self-Reliance

The Reconomy strategy can fund the development of energy, water, food, sanitation, education, housing, local transportation, child care, elder care, art, and more - everything that can be accomplished with local human and natural resources when communities have continuous access to money, energy, and a global network of mutual support. And this strategy produces a synergy between economic and ecological systems that creates a virtuous cycle: local economic and renewable energy resources grow sustainable community, and growth of sustainable community builds demand for sustainable development of local resources. The result is increasingly self-reliant and prosperous local marketplaces that enjoy resilience against global exploitation and crises, enabling full and sustainable participation in the global marketplace.

Building the World of the Future

The complementary use of national money with community credit combines the best feature of the open global marketplace, which is access to the advantages of global civilization, with the best feature of closed local marketplaces, which is protection of local human and natural resources. Thus, rather than isolating local communities, Reconomy maximizes the potential for sustainable trade between local and global marketplaces. And rather than training persons to be interchangeable components within a monolithic system, Reconomy favors our unique abilities because it permits us to pursue our dreams within our own communities rather than leave to find a vacancy in the global marketplace.

Together, we can unleash the creative power of the free marketplace, building resilient communities founded on the intrinsic worth of individuals and rooted in local control of vital resources. Reconomy can work now almost anywhere, helping to bring us all to a fulfilment of our dreams for a world that works for everyone.

Join us here.

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