Summary: Paying-forward

In our world of mounting global emergencies, as we witness the accelerating destruction of resources and loss of species, the greatest resource of all is being left to waste.

Today, more than 200 million persons are unemployed because of an inequitable distribution of money, with the richest 1% of persons controlling as much wealth as all the rest combined, and 80% of us living on less than $10 per day, leaving 6 billion persons without the power to care for each other and the ground beneath their feet that's essential to life and dignity.

But how has this come about, and why are our global leaders failing to enact real solutions?

The dynamic underlying the current disastrous direction of resource development is the low-price imperative driven by consumers in the global marketplace, compelling traders to minimize local costs to survive in competition against the world.

And all resources that empower development - including money - continuously flow to the highest bidders, while the work flows to the lowest bidders, trapping all of us in an ever-widening wealth gap, in which global developers grow increasingly dependent on supplies from communities that cannot afford to responsibly steward their own resources.

A Strategic Approach

Lack of money is a profound cause of poverty, not merely a definition, because continuous access to money empowers communities to engage in good stewardship of their own resources. Commercial sustainability of for-profit businesses that develop local essential goods and services for local consumption depends on local societal and environmental sustainability. Thus, communities that prosper through trade within their own genuine local marketplaces enjoy a triple-bottom-line economy that cares for people and planet to ensure sustainable profit. The accelerating loss of resources everywhere corresponds to the displacement of such local empowerment to a global marketplace where profit of developers depends on consuming other's resources.

Our task now is to re-empower this sustainable, local dynamic without sacrificing the benefits of global trade. Reconomy accomplishes this by creating valuable local currency to pay persons to help to grow and to steward prosperous and sustainable communities.

How To Get There From Here

Reconomy's solution is paying the bill everywhere for good stewardship of human and natural resources, from the bottom up, through self-managing, self-scaling, local marketplaces. This accomplishes the indispensable foundation for resilient global prosperity, while leaving no one behind.

Reconomy begins with SunMoney community scrip, and with People Power Station marketplace centers that are each part of a community network of mutual support between all Stations. Each Station is engaged as a local makerspace in the production and sale of essential goods and services. And each Station issues its own local scrip - SunMoney - which is created to pay people to sustainably develop local human and natural resources. Each scrip is accepted at adjacent stations, and is backed by philanthropic support through the network until backed by what it produces.

Each Station's resulting production is sold for SunMoney and national currency, which are re-spent in this same manner and to import what can't be produced locally, to thus establish an economically and ecologically resilient cycle of supply and demand. To enhance this cycle, the essential resource in highest demand and locally-produced renewable energy are each significantly discounted when purchased with SunMoney, stabilizing SunMoney value and synergizing the local demands for all three to multiply SunMoney's utility employing labor and management.

Scaling is achieved by all Stations contracting to network to pay-forward the philanthropic support that enables them to launch. To accomplish this and to continuously match production to the needs and aspirations of the community, and to advance scaling, each employee votes on new development by earmarking allocation of SunMoney from their own marketplace (equal to their own earnings), choosing from a list of eligible projects in their own and neighboring communities. The top choices are funded by the collaborative network, which spends SunMoney and national money to produce these projects, issuing more SunMoney and paying-forward real goods and services as needed.

Adjacent marketplaces accept each other's SunMoney, multiplying access to essential resources, interdependent wealth, and resilience. The result is communities empowered to meet their own needs and to pay-forward sustainably produced healthful food, clean water, decent sanitation, safe housing, warm clothing, basic education, personal healthcare, habitat restoration, local transportation, art and more - everything essential to local sustainable prosperity that can be accomplished with continuous access to powerful local currency, energy self-reliance, and a network of mutual support.

Building the World of the Future With the Money of the Future

The complementary use of national currency with SunMoney combines the greatest strength of the open global marketplace, which is access to the advantages of global civilization, with the greatest strength of closed local marketplaces, which is protection of local human and natural resources.

Thus, rather than isolating local communities, Reconomy maximizes the potential for profit through sustainable trade between local and global marketplaces - enriching communities as sustainable, prosperous suppliers and customers to the global marketplace. And Reconomy favors our unique individual gifts and skills because it permits us to pursue our dreams within genuine communities rather than compelling us to serve as interchangeable parts in an indifferent global marketplace.

Together, we can unleash the creative power of the free marketplace, building sustainable prosperity founded on the intrinsic worth of individuals and community. Reconomy can work now almost anywhere and everywhere, scaling to geoengineer a global solution that leaves no one behind as we help each other to fulfill our dreams for ourselves and a world that works for everyone.

The Reconomy is coming!

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi