Strategy: Network of mutual support

Reconomy pays us to collaborate to build
local sustainable prosperity everywhere.

1. A New Kind of Money.

Reconomy creates a local currency, SunMoney, which is backed by donated resources until backed by the local goods and services it's created to produce. This local money works in communities right beside national money, so it's simple to introduce and easy to use. But unlike national money, SunMoney is created by the people, to pay each other and to pay-forward to help develop local resources sustainably.

2. A Community Makerspace.

Reconomy begins by creating SunMoney to help build and manage local People Power Stations (PPS). Each PPS serves as a community marketplace center where SunMoney is created to pay people to sustainably develop and steward all local human and natural resources, and where renewable energy and other resources are developed and traded for SunMoney.

3. Pay Forward.

All community marketplaces collaborate to pay-forward the contributions that backed their own start-ups. To continuously match this development to need, each worker votes for new projects, selected from a list of eligible projects in their own and neighboring communities. Adjacent Reconomy marketplaces accept each other's SunMoney, and all marketplaces network continuously to collaborate to spread sustainable prosperity from community to community.


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