Strategy and implementation:
Give the money back to the people.

For thousands of years, competition to offer the lowest price in the marketplace has given an advantage to those whom avoid the cost of good stewardship. This simple dynamic has aided in empowerment of the corrupt and unscrupulous, and finally imperiled the survival of civilization and life everywhere.

Money is our most powerful technology. Imagine a new kind of money that empowers and rewards caring for people and planet.

A New Kind of Money:

- Works right beside existing money, so it's simple to introduce and easy to use.

- Created by the people to pay for sustainable development and good stewardship.

- Strong and stable because backed by what it produces.

- Discounts key goods and services - including renewable energy - to generate high demand that enables its use employing anyone who wants to participate.

- Stays in communities where it's created, instead of flowing into hands of the affluent, empowering communities everywhere to build resilient local prosperity.

The result is a virtuous cycle of supply and demand, building self-managing community marketplaces that can provide everyone with

- Healthful food

- Clean water

- Decent sanitation

- Safe housing

- Basic education

- Clean energy

- Habitat restoration

- And more: everything that can be accomplished when communities have continuous access to powerful money, clean energy, and Reconomy's global network of mutual support.


Our Reconomy network is developing ways to provide initial support to local organizations to back their local money until fully backed by what the money produces: People Power Stations (PPS), which create SunMoney to pay local persons to sustainably develop and steward all local human and natural resources, and then those goods and services are sold through the PPS and other outlets.

Guaranteeing Value

- Municipalities, states or nations can back the issue of local currencies by acceptance in payment of fees and taxes until fully backed by what they produce. (Some nations, such as the U.S.A., restrict the authority of States to issue their own currencies)

- Communities can cooperate to pay-forward collective initial support from community to community, using existing local boundaries to distinguish marketplace boundaries, such as zipcodes, municipal boundaries, etc.

- Organizations issuing local currency can back the issue with actual resources that can be purchased with the currency or can back them with a secured deposit of national currency of equal value to guarantee redemption if (and only when) the local currency project ends.

- Anyone can issue local currency as an IOU by backing it with personal guarantees such as personal property or payment on demand.

- Traditionally, local currency has been backed by the value of the currency itself as a craft or work of art, with a value related to the time involved in ts production and/or the craftsmanship, such as carved beads or simple woodblock prints.

Network of Mutual Support

To continuously match development to need, and to empower action, the persons able to accept local currency for their work can direct development by choosing initiatives.

And to multiply power of local currency, adjacent community marketplaces can accept each other's local currency; and all willing local marketplaces can collaborate to provide for needs that cannot be met locally, especially through sale of excess production for national money needed to pay to import what cannot be produced locally.


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